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Websites audit – online marketing analysis


Do you know how much your home page actually profits your company?

A home page must serve certain measurable goals. Knowing what exactly is happening on your home page, you are well-equipped to make informed decisions to make sure your home page delivers more profit.

Make your home page work purposefully!

Websites audit constitutes a service where our experts collaborate with you to set certain measurable goals and configure an Internet analysis tool (Google Analytics) to keep track of such goals. Above goals might include making of successful purchases, submission of quote inquiries through a contact form on your home page, new members joining your mailing list etc. Measurement of ad campaign results should be considered obligatory in the case of social media campaigns and e-mail based campaigns. You can also keep track of traditional channels (printed media, radio, TV) based advertizing if you connect the ads to specific web addresses and web pages.

Furthermore, you’ll gain an overview of the online channels that have directed visitors to your home page. With configurations undertaken in collaboration with the client it can be ascertained which online advertizing channels work best for you.


It is important to keep track of your home page traffic!

Most of the time, it is not prudent for small and medium-sized enterprises to employ an Internet statistics analyst that would screen related data for any information of business relevance. While a home page is an important channel in winning new customers, it is equally important to know as precisely as possible what visitors are doing when visiting your home page and how an even greater number of visitors could be turned into customers. The most reasonable and financially smart way is to purchase the relevant service from a competent company.

Subscribing to Websites audit services you can rest assured that your information is analyzed by an experienced specialist, and in addition to weekly and monthly automated reports, based on your selected service package, you’ll also receive a more substantial overview of what should be prudently changed and how this should be done.

We’ll take care of the installation and configuration of Google Analytics as well as of any technical issues related to the analytics service.

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