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Facebook Wizard is the only advertising channel that produces a guaranteed result. The advertisement itself is in no way different from the ads you see every day in your Facebook feed. But thanks to a special algorithm we can guarantee the number of users that your ad has reached and the number of repetitions per user. Repetitions guarantees that your ad is remembered.

Advertising model not based on just clicks

Business that depend heavily on location are struggling daily to find more clients. A storefront on the main street or a store in a big shopping mall are certainly viable options, but not necessarily the most favourable. Especially not when many paying customers already exist and they are using mostly Facebook and Google to find products and services.

Facebook Wizard is a new advertising model which is not based on just clicks or displays. Instead, we guarantee to deliver your message to your target group by showing your ad in a certain time period and a certain amount of reps, in order to assure that your message is planted into the memory of your potential customers.


The number of repetitions is important!

The number of repetitions is extremely important with any kind of advertisement. If the advertisement is seen too few times (1-2), and the user might not react to it at all, even less remember the advertisement or the message within. Showing too many repetitions (10 or more) and the ad may become annoying.

The generally accepted ad concept is the following:



Facebook Wizard gives you the full package.

  1. We design and optimize your Facebook ad. We guarantee a desired reach and frequency of display according to the target group you specify.
  2. We show your ad in the user's feed, both on a computer and on mobile devices. On a computer the advertisement in the feed covers 40% and on a mobile device 100% of the screen.

3. The campaign lasts for 2-4 weeks, ending when the specified goals have been reached.

Facebook Wizard compared to an inexperienced Facebook campaign manager.


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