GSP - Gmail Sponsored Promotions

GSP - Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Reach the clients of your competitors with Gmail advertisements!

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) is an advertisement channel by Google that lets you show advertisements in the Gmail Inbox (on the Promotions tab).

The main strength of GSP is the ability to display ads to certain groups, according to activities or to users getting e-mails from certain competitors.
GSP is best suited for advertisers who wants their campaigns to reach potential clients.
GSP advertisements can be targeted the same way as Google Display Network ads (geographical location, device type, age, gender, interests, keywords). An additional feature of GSP is targetting users whose e-mail correspondence contains certain keywords or whose Inbox contains e-mails from certain domains.

Recommendations for running a GSP campaign: create a clear high-value offer and a concise call to action – the user must see clearly why they should take advantage of the offer immediately.

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