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Facebook advertising

Time spent on Facebook has grown enormously over the past years and it will continue to grow. The founders of Facebook are clapping their hands together and so should you! We have over 630 000 active Facebook users in Estonia whom you can deliver your message. Although they are not all your customers, you can be sure that your customers are among those who use Facebook, and with proper targeting and ad management you can reach out to them.

Facebook ads are suitable for any kind of objective, whether you want to increase visibility, traffic, sales, etc. It is important to set your objective before starting any campaign in order to reach your goals. Clear goals help us create campaigns that, will meet your business objectives and enable us to analyse relevant data and results.

Successful Facebook campaign - the joy of doing things right

The success of your campaign depends on several factors:
  • Knowing your target audience
  • Appropriate targeting
  • Delivering the right message
  • Creating the right visual design
  • MCollecting and analysing the right data
  • Improving your advertisements according to the data collected

Our key objective is the right targeting so as to reach the right audience. We divide the target audience into two groups:
- People who have expressed their interest towards your company and products
- People who don't know you yet
Our targeting is focused around these two groups.

FCR Media's Facebook advertising service includes:

  • Developing a solution that meets your business objectives
  • Writing advertisement copies
  • Creating visuals
  • Directing advertisements to the right audience
  • Installing Facebook pixel to website (depends on the package)
  • Setting up target group lists
  • Advertisements on Instagram
  • Analysing data and improving advertisements accordingly
  • A/B testing
  • Regular reporting
  • Optimising advertisements in order to meet website goals (if pixel is installed)

Facebook advertisements are very company-specific. In order to make an offer that meets your business goals, we would like to hear you out first. Contact us and let us start with a free consultation.

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