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Content marketing


Time’s up for commercial texts bursting with aggressive sales slogans that view reality through a set of pink glasses as consumers’ ability to read and understand such texts has also diminished significantly. Above text formats have for some time now been replaced by texts, photographic and video formats of content marketing specific nature, the objective of which is to create value rather than engage in aggressive sales.

While quite recently yet, content marketing constituted a relatively exclusive form of advertizing, it is now spreading ever more massively and is thus becoming a part of the marketing strategy of a number of smaller companies.

Why is content marketing useful?

  • Texts or videos that entail useful information and practical tips are valuable in the eyes of search engines and elevate the ranking in search results. Search engines are more and more able to identify the contents of a piece of text as a whole instead of picking out specific keywords.
  • Valuable contents establish trust in potential customers; texts or videos that provide practical value are consumed with thought and concentration unlike that invested in viewing regular advertisements. Modern consumers buy what they need rather than what the seller aggressively offers.
  • Thought-out content marketing formats display the company as smart and practical, yet warm and motivated – properties that most customers look for when purchasing a product or service.

What should content marketing articles and videos talk about and how should they talk about it?

  • People mostly express themselves in simple everyday language and increasingly frequently type questions in a search engine using the kind of language they would employ questioning a peer or a specialist. Content marketing formats should use the same simple and easily understood language to explain things of a specific nature.
  • Setting goals for content marketing and sales, the target audience of such content should be established right from the start. Is the advertisement meant for a general audience or a narrower circle of area-specific specialists? One should step in the customer’s shoes and answer questions normally asked by customers, additionally highlighting any new aspects in the relevant domain.

Content marketing articles or videos do not necessarily have to talk about the company’s work or products and services. Another option is to link your company or brand to a more extensive and popular social or entertaining topic.

How does our content marketing service work?

  • Having signed our service agreement, our content marketing editor will contact you to agree on the time of an interview to discuss relevant contents and elaborate on specific facts and sources if required. The time schedule for production of the relevant content and publication times thereof are agreed.
  • If your company already has a competent spokesperson, a content marketing related consultation will do. We’re always happy to share our knowledge and tutor you in terms of what to say, when to say it, and how stories should be told.

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