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In addition to an information hotline, the well-known information hotline trademark 1182 also includes a voluminous web portal as well as a service ordering option.

Estonia’s most well-known information hotline

1182 has stood as the undisputed market leader amongst Estonia’s information hotlines for years; however, answering calls is not all we do...
Estonia’s most well-known hotline has been using the phone number 1182 starting from May 1, 1998. Today, 1182 includes a number of other formerly known information hotlines and is currently stronger than ever before. 1182 is as well known in Estonia as the emergency number 112, the local equivalent of 911 – most people can recite 1182 in their sleep.

Why do we need 1182?

Although, search engines continue to be sweepingly popular, there are still moments when specialist help is required to find certain information...
While it is not always certain that the information found using search engines is indeed correct, the information hotline service only delivers verified information. There are still occasions where Internet is not easily accessible, rendering telephone services more readily available as a rule. 1182 is not only a vast database of contacts: in addition to providing service related information you can also book some of the services – a taxi cab, for example - thorough us. With the help of product and service users we also provide information on the quality of such products and services. 1182 is supported by a mobile application and a sizeable web portal that next to contacts also contains information on what’s happening in Estonia.

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