SEO - Search engine optimization

SEO - search engine optimization


Home page search engine optimization is the most efficient way to make your company more visible in search engine based search results (search engine optimization - SEO). Why is that? Because people use search engines to look for products and services.
The world’s leading online marketing specialists say: “If your home page is not visible on the first page of search engine based search results, your home page does not exist.“

  1. Makes your company more visible and contributes to your brand becoming well-known
  2. Increases the number of visits to a targeted home page
  3. Provides for increased sales (provided your home page is efficient)

If you share the above three goals, SEO is the right solution for you! Contact our sales representative who will be happy to answer any questions and help you in making a decision.


FCR Media SEO service is efficient!

We purchased the minimum SEO service package from FCR Media. We began to notice a direct impact of the service about a half a year later – compared to the initial situation where we did not look at our home page as a sales channel, the home page began to be featured on the first page of search engine based search results. The number of visits to our home page as well as the number of queries made on the home page have increased noticeably. Today I can certainly say that our home page has become a relevant sales channel.

August Käära, Eesti Inkasso OÜ

Search engine optimization constitutes a complex and time consuming collaboration effort, requiring analysis, work on a number of details, testing, and adequate response to the ever-changing rules. Furthermore, search engines tend to respond to changes slowly. Therefore, keep in mind that SEO is not a one-off investment but a continuous process that must be maintained for as long as the Internet endures in its current format.

Our specialist experts benefit from highly valuable experience, are always up-to-date with best SEO practice and updates, and stand ready to share their knowledge with the world. Take a look at a few of their published articles below:

“SEO, mis see on, miks see on ja kuidas see töötab” (SEO: What is that, why is that, and how does it work?) by FCR Media SEO technician and Google AdWords campaign manager Jüri Hass

“Kodulehti püütakse nähtavaks teha iganenud vahenditega” (Measures used to make home pages visible are out of date) by FCR Media SEO technician Sven Ulmand


Measurable results and statistics

One of the most important advantages of online marketing is that everything can be measured. Search engine optimization is no exception here. In addition to being able to view the position dynamics of your chosen keywords in search engine based search results, said dynamics can also be reviewed accessing your Google Analytics account (if you don’t already have one, we’ll set one up for you free of charge).  

Two SEOs walk hand in hand

Did you know that as from April 21, 2015, different ranking conditions apply to mobile devices and computers (click here to read the official statement by Google). On account of the above, search engine optimization has become more complex. If you want to be found in the increasingly important mobile Internet, you can rely on us.  We’ll get you on the right track!

(NB! To achieve good results, your home page should have a mobile friendly layout. If your home page is not mobile friendly as of yet, as an additional service you can order an all new website with a mobile friendly layout or, if possible, have your existing home page readjusted.)  

SEO audit

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