Google AdWords online advertizing

Google AdWords online advertizing


AdWords adverts are displayed in Google search above and next to organic search results. More than 3,500 companies in Estonia are currently benefitting from this type of advertizing.

Benefits of AdWords search ads:

  • More than 90% of Estonians use Google search engine to purchase products and services online.
  • Keyword based targeted advertizing constitutes the best opportunity to be displayed to users that are already interested in product or services you offer.
  • By virtue of a versatile set of statistics, AdWords enables you to keep track of the campaign’s efficiency and profitability as related to keywords and advertisements. 
  • AdWords campaigns allow for a number of different promotional messages and keywords to be tested simultaneously and gain feedback on the performance of various configurations. The time profile of the campaigns often renders the purchase/order probability for AdWords campaigns significantly higher than that of the rest of Internet traffic.
  • AdWords campaign budgetary means are only spent if a user clicks on an advert and is directed to the relevant website. The budget depends of keyword search volume as well as competition.

How will you benefit from purchasing the AdWords campaign solution?

It is easy to conduct an AdWords campaign. That being said, 70-85% of companies that run their own campaigns fail to further develop their campaigns and improve their efficiency. Purchasing AdWords campaign management services does mean extra costs; however, it will enable the bulk of advertisers to achieve increased profitability for their campaigns.
Many companies provide AdWords campaign management services with the service content varying a great deal. Our certified partners provide for greater certainly in the following respects:
  1. Our partners benefit from extensive experience with a variety of different companies and solutions, and you can select from a list of well-functioning options to achieve your desired goals.
  2. Our campaign managers have passed AdWords exams and your campaign will be managed based on AdWords’ best practice.

Why choose FCR Media?

We have been providing AdWords management services since 2009 and during that time we have managed:
  • more than 2,500 AdWords campaigns
  • more than € 1.5M in AdWords advertizing budget
We are the only AdWords Premiere SME Partner in the Baltic states and we benefit from: 
  • in-depth overview of Google advertizing channels and features of such channels
  • experienced and certified campaign managers
comprehensive monthly reports


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